You are perusing the website Peripheral Anomaly, the home of mainly photographic output from me, Marg (Margaret) Bancewicz.  


I have been taking amateur gig photos in my spare time for a good few years though I do much less than I used and therefore the majority of images on the site were taken pre-2010.  It's a labour of love with no agenda to make money out of this endeavour - most of the bands featured make/made very little or no profit from what they do/did so I wasn't about to try and sap a few bob out of them.


© Copyright info

The images are free to use by the bands/artists featured on them (you don't need to ask - feel free to do what you want with them).  If you want them for a non-profit fan or music site you can also use the images for free though it would be nice if you asked first.  Credit can be given to me (Marg Bancewicz) or the website

Please don't ask for high-resolution versions as I have very limited time to play with photography and the website so it's highly unlikely that I could meet your request.


All the best - hope you enjoy/have enjoyed your little jaunt through the anomaly's periphery.


Marg xx


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